• Meet Pippa

    So we finally decided to adopt a new kitten! Our cat Purdy is super hyper for his age and we really wanted to get a friend from him. We adopted this adorable little 7 week old kitten and named her ...

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    Meet Pippa
  • Times Square Sephora

    While I was in New York, I decided to pop in to the Sephora in Times Square and do some shopping. My mom laughed at me, reminding me that I can buy cosmetics at home, but seriously.. it's the Times ...

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    Times Square Sephora
  • DIY Fall Wreath

    I really like seasonal decor and I needed a wreath for my door to complete my walkway decor for the autumn season. I considered buying a wreath from Michaels but they sell for around $50 and I had a ...

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    DIY Fall Wreath

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